Subscribers Agreement


I enter into this Subscriber Agreement with Carillon Information Security Inc., registered at 356 Joseph-Carrier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 5V5 CANADA (referred to as Carillon) because of my affiliation as employee or subcontractor to the organisation or company that I have indicated by entering the value for "Company Affiliation" at time of purchase of the Credentials (referred to as "Sponsor"). It shall be effective when I log in to the system provided by Carillon for the purposes of issuance of the purchased Credentials.

I hereby declare that I understand, and agree to comply with, its terms and that my identity matches the identity I have claimed in the Credential Application and any falsification on my behalf is punishable under perjury law.

I understand that the Credential is an electronic document that uses cryptographic technology to bind a public key to my identity that enables me to digitally identify myself to various organizations that need to trust my identity (referred to as Relying Parties) and, among other things, to create a unique digital signature, authenticate myself at the physical and logical access control points, and encrypt and decrypt electronic messages.

I agree that my receipt and use of the Credential is subject to the terms and conditions of this Subscriber Agreement.


I represent and warrant to Carillon, my Sponsor, enrollment officials, and any Relying Party that all information, including Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") about me, including my name, email address, phone number birth date and place of birth, provided in connection with my application for the Credential is true and complete; and that if any information I have provided in connection with my application for the Credential changes, I will notify my Sponsor within thirty (30) days, who will, if necessary, request a replacement Credential reflecting the changed information; and I will not share my Credential access PIN (if applicable) with any other individual, or allow any other individual to borrow or use my Credential.


I understand and represent and warrant that;
my name and email address, although PII, shall not be treated as confidential and will be used by Carillon and its agents for the day-to-business of managing my Credential;
my digital signature created with the Credential will have the same legal effect and legal enforceability as if the document had been in writing and manually signed using wet ink by me;
I will not challenge the legal effect, validity or enforceability of any electronic record or electronic transmission digitally signed by me, or the digital signature itself on the basis that it is in digital, rather than paper, form;
I understand that my Credential has a key management (encryption / decryption) key pair, and that a copy of the private key has been provided to the Key Recovery Database in case it needs to be recovered.


I represent and warrant that I will:
a. treat my Credential as valuable property and protect it as such;
b. not leave my Credential unattended in an unlocked state;
c. use my Credential solely for authorized and legal business purposes;
d. immediately notify Carillon and my Sponsor in the event my Credential is suspected to be compromised, damaged, lost or stolen;
e. no longer use my Credential after my affiliation with my Sponsor has ceased;
f. return my Credential to my Sponsor for proper destruction and disposal once the Credential have expired or have been revoked;
g. at all times, accurately represent myself in all communications with Carillon, my Sponsor, enrollment officials, Registration authorities, and any Relying Parties.